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The Pardon Unit is responsible for processing investigations for Voter Rights Restoration, Pardons and Remissions of Fines and Forfeitures.

To make application for one of the above, an applicant may apply by one of the following methods:

1)   Contacting the local State Probation and Parole Office in the area the applicant lives.


2)   Contacting the Board of Pardons and Paroles by telephone and asking to speak with the Pardon Unit staff.


3)   Contacting the Board of Pardons and Paroles in writing.

     The request should include all of the following information:

     a)   Name under which convicted

     b)   True name

     c)   Sex and race

     d)   Date of birth

     e)   Social Security Number

     f)   AIS# (Alabama Prison #), if you have one

     g)   Current physical address including county

     h)   Current mailing address if different from physical address

     i)   Indicate if the conviction was a State or Federal Conviction

     j)   Home telephone number, including area code

     k)   Work or alternate telephone number, including area code

     l)   Complete list of convictions, county of convictions and year of convictions

NOTE:     The applicant should indicate if they are only interested in voting rights or both voting rights and a pardon. If the applicant is interested in a pardon, he/she should indicate if he/she needs a misdemeanor  pardoned for purposes of obtaining a license (such as bonding or nursing, etc). If this is not indicated, it   will be assumed that the applicant is only interested in having felony convictions pardoned.




Not all applicants are eligible for voter rights restoration. To be eligible for voter rights restoration, the applicant cannot have convictions for any of the crimes listed below:

Impeachment, Murder, Rape (any degree),
Sodomy (any degree), Sexual Abuse (any degree),
Incest, Sexual Torture,
Enticing a Child to Enter a Vehicle for Immoral Purposes,
Soliciting a Child by Computer,
Production of Obscene Matter Involving a Minor,
Production of Obscene Matter,
Parents or Guardians Permitting Children to Engage in Obscene Matter,
Possession of Obscene Matter,
Possession with Intent to Distribute Child Pornography or

In addition, the applicant must not have any pending felony cases, must not owe any court ordered monies, must not owe any supervision fees, and must not be under sentence (off of probation, off parole, not incarcerated, etc).

If the applicant meets the criteria, an investigation will be completed and a voter right restoration certificate will be issued.

Please note that due to an Attorney General opinion, a person does not lose voting rights unless the felony conviction involves moral turpitude. Our agency has determined that Felony DUI and Possession of Drugs do not involve moral turpitude.

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