Wendell W. Wilson, Attorney at Law

Specializing in DUI & Criminal Defense Law


If you have not already, I highly recommend you seeking legal advice.  Finding out about the court process and options available to you can help you properly prepare your defense.    While doing so, please note the following:

1.    EXPERIENCE COUNTS: Since 1994, I have handled THOUSANDS of criminal defense cases – with a very high success rate for satisfactory resolutions.

2.    REMAIN SILENT:  Do not make any statements regarding your case to any law enforcement officer and/or prosecuting attorney without first consulting an attorney.

3.    TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE:  There are several important decisions relating to your case that should be made as quickly as possible.

4.    MISDEMEANORS:  The purpose of your first court setting is for the court to advise you of what charge(s) are against you and ask for your plea of guilty or not guilty.  By entering a plea of NOT GUILTY, the court will advise you of a trial setting, which will allow you enough time to consult with an attorney and properly prepare your defense.

5.    FELONIES:  You only have thirty (30) days from the date of your arrest to file a written request for a Preliminary Hearing to seek evidence against you in this matter.  This is imperative to properly prepare your defense.

If you would like to schedule an in-office appointment to meet with me to discuss your case, please call (256) 534-6008 to schedule a CONSULTATION. I look forward to meeting you.


Attorney Wendell W. Wilson began his law practice in Huntsville, Alabama in 1994 and has been specializing in criminal defense ever since.  He also offers referrals for attorneys that specialize in other fields of law.  

Prior to becoming an attorney, Wendell Wilson was a:

Public Safety Officer through the security division of Tennessee Valley Authority

Corrections Officer through the Alabama Department of Corrections

Deputy through the Limestone County Sheriff's Department

Probation Officer through the Juvenile Detention Center

Parole Officer through the Alabama Department of Pardons & Parole


Attorney Wendell W. Wilson is a member of the following legal associations:

Alabama State Bar

Huntsville-Madison County Bar Association

Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

No representation is made that the quality of legal services is greater than that provided by other attorneys.